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CBD for Energy

People are turning to CBD to help give them the boost they need to get going in the mornings, avoid the dreaded 3pm energy slump at work, and to help them achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals. The use of CBD oil for athletes is on the rise as not only will CBD give you more energy to work out with, but it will also help your muscles recover faster afterwards.

While high doses of CBD and other cannabinoids are often associated with having more relaxing and sedative-like effects to help fight symptoms of depression and anxiety, smaller doses of CBD (CBD micro-dosing) are linked to improved focus and clarity, and boosted energy levels. Combined with other energy boosting vitamins and minerals it makes for the perfect energy drink either flavored or as CBD water.

Oral consumption of CBD has longer lasting effects too, so a single CBD energy shot can boost energy levels for up to seven hours.

Small, daily doses of CBD can contribute in helping people with their overall attitude and motivation. Rather than dragging yourself through the day you can achieve a more positive outlook and energized experience with CBD performance enhancing products. Unlike some other energy boosting products on the market, CBD products from Green Goods spare you from the energy-dip that caffeine infused energy drinks cause.

How Does it Work?

A study published in Current Neuropharmacology, found that CBD simulates a wake-promoting agent, actually boosting energy levels in the waking time in rats. This is because CBD helps to strengthen body cells that can cause you to feel sluggish or sleepy.

CBD can also help to regulate your sleep-wake cycle by acting on your serotonin-5HT1A receptors (also responsible for regulating mood, anxiety, and pain), enhancing your body’s overall performance from day-to-day.

While a CBD energy drink can work wonders for avoiding an afternoon energy slump, due to the speed in which CBD enters your bloodstream through different methods of consumption, CBD oil for runners is preferred as you can slip a drop under your tongue and experience the effects of the compound much faster.

The benefits of CBD linked to exercise don’t just end there. The euphoric buzz you feel post workout has historically been attributed to the endorphins that are released in your body after exercising. What fewer people know however is that after exercising, your brain also displays elevated levels of anandamide, a naturally occuring cannabinoid in the body that takes its name from the sanskrit word meaning joy or bliss. CBD directly increases levels of this “bliss chemical” in our bodies which also helps with inflammation, pain-relief, nausea, and spasms, so it’s easy to see why a CBD post workout drink could help your body to recover faster after a particularly intense session at the gym.