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What are CBD Tinctures?

A tincture in essence, applies to any medicine that is suspended or delivered in alcohol. Tincture CBD products are actually made using distilled alcohol to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the dry herb. After sufficient steeping time, the liquid is then strained and boiled down to produce a highly concentrated source of cannabidiols.

A cannabis tincture is a popular dietary supplement containing a variety of cannabinoids, that can be taken orally or sublingually. A Green Goods CBD tincture will specifically contain high levels of CBD, and low (0.3%) or non-existent levels of THC. It’s thanks to the lack of THC, that CBD tincture effects do not include any of the mind-altering consequences associated with being “high”.

While CBD tinctures can contain extremely potent levels of cannabidiol, in today’s growing market tinctures are generally less potent than CBD oils, as producers will often mix the liquid extract into a carrier liquid such as peppermint or orange oil, to improve the taste.

CBD Tincture Uses

CBD tincture benefits include all of the advantages that are associated with taking CBD which include the regulation of sleep, mood, anxiety, and pain. As opposed to topical application of cannabinoids, whether you’re taking the tincture orally or sublingually, both methods will result in the CBD entering your bloodstream and you will therefore experience the full spectrum of body and brain effects, including an improved sense of wellbeing.

The main difference between the two different CBD tincture uses (being oral and sublingual dosing), is the length of time that the CBD takes to get into your bloodstream. Taking tinctures orally will result in a slower onset of longer lasting effects, while taking them sublingually will get the compounds in and out of your bloodstream much faster.

Therefore, people seeking to alleviate symptoms from chronic conditions, whether they be pain or anxiety, will benefit from taking larger doses of a CBD tincture, orally, on a regular basis. The better taste of the product means you can easily take the desired amount straight onto your tongue, or mix it with your morning coffee or lunchtime soup without a noticeable difference to the taste or texture. Absorbing a small amount of CBD tincture under the tongue may be more suitable for people who are looking to relieve shorter bouts of pain, or decrease short-term stress and anxiety levels, more quickly.